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Four Kingdown Students on BBC Radio

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Four Kingdown Students on BBC Radio
by Mr HOLMAN - Friday, 12 November 2010, 8:03 PM
BBC Radio

Four students from the Sixth Form PR Council went to the BBC Radio Wiltshire studios in Swindon on Thursday after being invited to be interviewed.

Anna Clarke, Robin Liquorice, Chris Moss and Rachael McInnes (L-R, pictured in photo) discussed various topics with the presenter Mark O’Donnell live on-air in the studio. After observing the two minute silence the students talked for just under an hour about Remembrance Day and what it means to them and went on to discuss the recent controversies associated with the rise in university fees.

If you would like to hear our students on BBC Radio Wiltshire, you can listen to the full show (available for 7 days) on the iPlayer here: