1 Accessing online information

1.1 What this unit is about

In this unit you will be looking at information that can be found on the Web. You may already have explored the Web and discovered what an enormous amount of information it contains. Alternatively you may be a newcomer to the Web. Either way, this unit will help you to develop your skills in accessing online information.

Here are some things that I regularly use the Web for:

  • Finding phone numbers
  • Getting train times and booking tickets
  • Getting information about theatre, cinema and concerts
  • Checking the weather forecast
  • Getting a map for new places I am about to visit
  • Listening to radio programmes that I've missed
  • Doing my weekly shopping
  • Researching information, for example on a health topic, or looking for family history.

This list is not exhaustive; I use the Web for other things, and you may too.

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